Sheet Gripper Kit
Sheet Gripper Kit
Sheet Gripper Kit

Sheet Gripper Kit

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Do your bed sheets slip off? Do you hate how many times you wake up to your mattress? We've come up with a great solution to this problem! Sheet Gripper securely holds your sheets onto the bed, no more worrying about how you turn, move or get into or out of bed again.

This kit comes with 4 elastic grippers that you put onto each corner of your mattress and sheet. Easy to put on, doesn't hurt your sheets, and keeps you sane.


Adjusts between 40cm / 16in to 90cm / 35in

Choose your color

We offer black and white versions, so the Mattress Gripper can blend in with your mattress.

Easy to use

Put your sheet on, and simply snap the clips onto the sheet - easy!


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USA: 3-4 weeks
Canada: 3-4 weeks