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CleanDrink Smart Drinking Fountain

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Dogs that drink too little water can suffer from dehydration, severe health issues and even death if continued. Unfortunately, dog owners often fail to provide  adequate, fresh and uncontaminated water for their pet on a continuous basis.

Don't let the bacteria build up and cause expensive vet bills. With CleanDrink and its premium multi-layer filtration filters you can be sure your pets water is kept clean and fresh.  

FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE: 4 Filters included! We care about your dog and their health!

The fountain also includes Blue LEDs that illuminate to add to the modern look, and allow your pet to see the water better, even in dim light.

3 Layer Filtration Process dog and bowl


Standard - Plastic White/Light Blue top and standard styling
Premium - Features a stainless steel silver top with modern styling

How does CleanDrink purify the water?

We're glad you asked. This water fountain is capable of effectively filtrating out hair, odor, chlorine, bad taste and more to reduce hairballs, and illness from the water. This Purification process is obtained by using a 3 layer filter (Included!) that has a Hair and Debris pre-filter, an activated Charcoal filter, and a third layer to help remove bad taste and odor. How's that for a better puppy bowl?

LED lights up dog with bowl

How do I power it?

You can power it with a USB wall plug (same kind that power your phone), just make sure it provides 1.5A or more of power.

My pet likes to drink a lot of water - can this keep up?

Yes! Specifically engineered to provide maximum water flow, the CleanDrink Smart Drinking Fountain will provide plenty of water and let even the thirstiest pet drink as much as they need with 2.4L of capacity. 

How often should I change the filter?

We recommend you change the filter once every 2-4 weeks (depending on how dirty the water gets). You should also clean the fountain at least every 2 weeks. You can find the replacement filters here.

What happens if the fountain runs dry?

The pump can run dry for up to 48 hours - but please make sure to keep it filled to avoid any issues and increase the life span of the pump.

Is there a filter included?

Yes, actually we include 4 of them because we love clean water that much! Puppy bowls should be this clean.


You wouldn't drink water that has been sitting around all day, why should your dog? Get CleanDrink and put those worries behind you.

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