About Us

Hello, and welcome to TickleBit! My name is Josh - the owner and creator of TickleBit. Since you're on this page, you're probably wondering how this whole thing was started. I've always loved helping people find what they need. I never thought I'd own my own online store but things can change very fast.

I had recently married my wonderful wife, moved into a different city and into our first house along with being in three other weddings the same year - let me tell you that you learn to manage stress during these chaotic times.

After the chaos settled, I decided to start my own online store, so that I could do my little part in bringing joy to peoples lives through useful, cute or funny products. I didn't just want to provide a store though - I wanted to strive to provide the best customer experience I could - after all I am a customer myself.

I'm sure there's many of you out there that just don't think you can get through whatever you are dealing with in life right now - well don't worry, TickleBit has products to help remind you that not everything needs to be so stressful or serious. Enjoy your life, as it is the journey you look back on more than the stress.

TickleBit started off with just me, and is now quickly becoming everyone's favorite shop to find unique products from.

We are constantly learning and evolving and if you have any questions or suggestions to make this site, our product selection, or anything else better definitely reach out to us (Contact Us page) or and we will be glad to consider your input.

Have an amazing day!